Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Uno's Pizza

Where does the time go?  I'm sorry I haven't posted on here in a while.  Fall is in full swing!

A little while back, it was my birthday, and I celebrated with friends at Uno's in Raleigh.  I ordered a gluten free veggie pizza, and it was alright. 

The toppings tasted great, but the gluten free crust was just a little bit like pizza-crust-shaped bread.  Like I said though, it was alright.  I would definitely go there and hang out with friends and order it again.  I enjoyed a Redbridge beer with it as well.

My gluten free friend Wendy (from the Gluten Free Greenie Blog) ordered from the menu to try something different.  She got a grilled chicken breast, which I think was also good.

Here's a picture of that too. 

I am really glad that Uno's has decided to offer Gluten Free choices on their menu.  Now I know wherever I find one, I can get something there.  That is especially helpful when traveling.

Add it to the list of hangouts we can go to without having to eat beforehand, hooray!


  1. In your opinion, did the Raleigh Uno's handle cross-contamination issues well? I've read so many things from people on celiac message boards that they're grateful for the option, but that the staff at some locations just doesn't really know the dangers of CC. For example, the ladle of sauce touching a gluten crust, and then being used for the GF crust.

    I'm looking forward to checking it out next time we're out in Raleigh!

  2. Allison, this is Wendy I was with Emily on her Birthday. I can't say what they did in the kitchen but I was very impressed with they way they carried our meal out to the table. They brought everyone else's food out first them they brought ours our separate and the person handling our food had on gloves. Our food was not on the same tray as everyone else's food. It was impressive really. I can't imagine that they drop the ball in the kitchen.

  3. Thanks- this is great to know! When I was first diagnosed and started processing everything, I ofcourse thought about pizza and then Chicago's deep dish pizza, like Uno's, that I could never have again. I will look forward to potentially trying that out. If I end up being lactose intolerant, like the docs think, I can go minus the cheese- there's nothing wrong with looking more like an eccentric as long as your attitude's good, I think. ;) haha

  4. I had Uno's in Orlando when visiting and had a great experience. I'm just jealous they don't have one in my hometown. We have Tommy's but its not quite as good.