Sunday, August 15, 2010

Duinkerken Bread

I can't tell you how amazing this bread is.  While I was in NYC, we made this mix at my friend's house, and it was better than any eating out we'd done. 

What I mean to say, is that my friend made it.  I provided some moral support, of course.  And an appetite.  At first, it seemed like a bother to me that the directions require you to beat 2 egg whites.  I mean, who beats egg whites in recipes anymore? 

I'll tell you who.  The people who work hard because they want to eat some super-awesome gluten free bread, that's who!

Check this out:

Looks like bread to me.  Tastes like bread to me.  In fact, the best gluten free bread I've ever had.

Actually, I think the beaten egg whites make all the difference.  The ingredients do not contain any dairy, nor do the directions advise adding any.  Therefore, I have decided to take the leap of also going dairy-free.  (I have been holding out on this because my previous favorite, the Gluten Free Pantry Bread Mix, contains dry milk).

So I ordered a whole case of the stuff (that's 6).  It's not on Amazon, but my friend Jen found it on buy the case:

So yesterday I tried it in the bread machine.  I put the warm water in the machine with the yeast, then beat the egg whites, then added all the ingredients and mixed.  It went pretty well.  I also put the 2nd (not used in the recipe) egg yolk on top for a crusty top.

So here's what it looked like out of the bread machine:
Success!  Guys, you have to try this one!


  1. Looks awesome! I really need a bread machine.

  2. Hi--

    Kate--YES, I have frozen it, and it freezes well. Just as good after being frozen.

    Kimberly--Bread machines make it a lot easier to have great fresh bread. I don't know what I'd do without mine.

    thanks for stopping by and the comments!

  3. I cook gluten free for my grandson.
    I have learned all bread and muffins must be frozen so they don't dry out.
    I have taken to adding sour cream and or yogourt to the bread or muffin mixes for moisture. My grandon tells me NOT to add nuts to his muffins as they dry out faster. Since he is the Celiac he should know.

  4. I made this today for the first time. I didn't beat the egg whites, just dumped everything in my big mixer and let 'er rip. I mixed it on med/high for about 3 or 4 minutes. By the time it was done mixing it was very similar to regular bread - which I used to make all the time. I got interrupted and forgot to add the sugar, but I did add a bit of salt. The result? The best bread I have had since being diagnosed 15 years ago. Just like the real thing!!! I'm going to stock up!! I'm going to try dumping in some shredded cheddar cheese next time!

  5. Our breadmaker died, so I made Duinkerken's bread mix in a large slow cooker (putting the loaf pan inside the cooker)--saw directions for this on A Year of Slow Cooking. We thought it was pretty good too.