Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bahama Rice Burgers

I picked up a box of these the other day at my local Earth Fare. I chose the "Jerkin' Spicy" variety. I haven't had a veggie burger for probably about 3 years.

These are great!! Two of my friends came over last night to carpool with me to go watch a concert, and I asked them if they'd eaten--NO. So I said, you guys want a Bahama rice burger? Some veggies? Quesadilla?

I had 2 takers on the Bahama Burgers, so that was 3 including me.

Both of these friends were meat-eatin, wheat-eatin guys. And they both said they like the burgers (served on Trader Joe's Gluten Free French Rolls) very much! One asked me for directions to Earth Fare, so he could go get some. So 3 taste testers agree. And even though I cooked these on the stove inside, it tasted like a cookout at Emily's.

I also cut up a few red/yellow pepper slices. It was a great night, and we attended a very good concert afterward!


  1. I look forward to trying them when they make it to the stores here. We have been eating the sunshine burgers.

  2. ... and a fancy plate too! Will have to find them (burgers that is).

  3. yay! and at Earth Fare! I will have to pick some up. I'm not big on peppers though, but they sure are pretty!