Sunday, April 18, 2010

Living Underground

Hi everyone!

I'll bet you've been wondering where I went.  I've been juggling multiple jobs, travel, and responsibilities lately.  While I've been busy, I've also been thinking of you.

I've created and revised some recipes, and will be sharing those things with you soon.  Also, with travel I've been to some new places and tried some new things.

I sort of got away from this blog last fall, and when we got to Nov/Dec., I wound up be glutened in a big way that I was unaware of...which made me really too sick and tired to keep up with everything.  That story is all coming out in the wash.  At the same time, I began a new job and that's been keeping me busy.

It is important for me to keep up on here and share with you all.  In the past couple weeks, one of my best friend's husband was diagnosed Celiac after years of illness.  I almost jumped for joy, because he has an answer, and we all know it is not rocket science to eat gluten free.  And so much better than drugs, and eventually we become healthier and happier than we ever were!  So he will be more well, and that delights me.

And so I sent him a box of homemade cookies.  It's the least I can do.

I had the chance to try the beef tacos off the Chili's gluten free menu last week, and they were good, but a little ho-hum.  I mean, nothing on the whole plate is green!  But I thank them for making gluten free options available and making the effort.

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  1. Oh no! I didn't realize you were one of the people made sick by that greedy bastard. He should be fed rat poison for what he did to people.

    Rant aside, glad you're back!

    Also totally weird: my confirmation word is "grainex." heh.