Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yesterday's Smoothie

This fine sunny afternoon, I had this thought:

"Yesterday's smoothie is today's road trip treat!"

Yep, smoothie season is here.  Time to stock up on frozen fruits, flaxseed meal and frozen spinach!  Don't forget the cranberry, pomegranate and acai juice.

While I love to share all the foods I make, (while living alone) I still wind up making much more than I can consume at one time.  So a side benefit of this is enjoying the food again, later.  For example, right now I've got a freezer full of beans and rice, vegetable stew with dumplings, etc. MMM.  Lots of healthy lunches for the office.

Whenever I make a blender-full of fruit smoothie, I get another one and a half frozen in my fridge.  I enjoyed a very nice mango, peach, cherry smoothie for about 37 miles on I-40 this afternoon.  A great treat for myself.  Love it!

1 comment:

  1. sounds wonderful!

    Miss you girl!

    Didn't even get to go to my opening because of Meniere's attack, so I missed both you and it!
    I'm feeling much better, of course after I missed everything.