Saturday, August 1, 2009


This is a fun snack-y product that you might enjoy trying.

I'm talking about Cheenies Cheese Bite Rolls. "One bite - that's all it takes...and you'll understand why Cheenies have been the favorite snack in Brazil for the last 100 years."

I got this box over at Harris Teeter. I don't know how available the product is, I had never seen it before.

They're small rolls made mostly of tapioca starch. Ingredients: Tapioca Starch, Imported Parmesan Cheese, Homogenized Whole Eggs, Vegetable Oil, Whole Milk, Water and Salt.

The box has about 20 rolls that are pre-frozen, unbaked. You just set them out on a cookie sheet and bake them about 30 minutes.

The come out of the oven piping hot! Crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. I think they are wonderful. MMM.

I recommend you try them out. They're so easy, and taste amazing. You can eat them with soup, as dinner rolls, or just a snack by themselves. I just had some for breakfast. A great, versatile little food!


  1. Thanks for posting a review of the Cheenies! I saw them in Harris Teeter also, next to my GF frozen bread, but was unsure about buying them. Next time I'll pick some up and try them too.

  2. I just visited my daughter in Durham and we tried these and loved them so much we went back and bought more the next day. Now I am back home in Ohio and wondering if I can get these anywhere else. I may even call the company to see if they might send some my way.

  3. Cool! Glad you liked them too, polly! Maybe we should have some kind of exchange to get La Tortilla Wraps from Ohio and get you our Cheenies, and everyone will be happy!

    Thanks also for your comment, Jill. Thanks to you both for reading.

  4. Yummy Cheenies! Dur-Ham. That's where they are from. I saw them in thr freezer section and bought them...through 3 moves, they somehow stayed frozen and hidden in the back of the freezer. I just found them in the depths of the freezer and tried them for the first time. And I vote YUM...

  5. I recently found these at my local Harris Teeter. I've started pouring a little veggie oil on them and then sprinkling them with some herbs and spices then when they're done, dipping them in spaghetti sauce.
    Like mini pizzas! ^__^

  6. I love those too.... My kids love them so much, it is a bit of a fight every time I make them. Who is the celiac here???