Friday, November 20, 2009

Keep lookin for that Gluten!

I really enjoyed the North Raleigh Celiac Support Group (CSA Chapter 108) meeting we had last night.  It was fun to see everyone (I had to miss last month), and Moonlight Bakery had some great samples for us to try.

We were talking about recipes, and some ideas about how to eat for the holidays.

Most of us have figured out how to avoid cross-contamination in our own kitchens, but it was a good reminder for all of us about eating with family and friends--to watch out for shared or swapped spoons on the buffet, turkeys that have been cooked with stuffing inside, etc.

What was news to me was that we cannot always trust "tuna fish in water" products.  Apparently, a food label that says "in water" doesn't always literally mean "water."  So there are tuna fish products that are not Gluten-Free.  The culprit, apparently, is "vegetable broth".  Can't trust broth in anything, it might contain gluten.

Turkeys.  Many contain "natural flavoring," which may contain gluten.  Best to get a fresh turkey with no additives.

Why are so many things added to our foods?  Whose great idea was that?  Has our health improved or worsened since food production has changed in this way?


  1. What bums me out so much is that companies aren't legally required to list what the "natural ingredients" are. It would be so easy for them to be honest in their labeling, but so few companies do.

  2. Hopefully, Allison that will change soon. There is legislation before congress right now that will require this. But it may get buried again. It was supposed to be voted on many times already. I've written my representatives a few times.

    Emily, I too wonder why so many things are added to our foods. And if they have really improved it?? On the Simpson's recently they decided to shop at a store like Whole Foods, and the bill was over $700, Homer says, well at least it will last a while, then the food spoils on the line before they get out of the store. I think that's the way most people feel about food without additives. It's a shame.

  3. I agree that a fresh turkey with no additives is the way to go, but natural flavors rarely contain gluten. Gluten Free Living magazine has done a lot of research on ingredients like that. You can see what they say about flavors here:

    It helps a lot knowing that wheat has to be declared on a label. Barley and rye are easier to spot. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. I think it's amazing that we often have to pay extra to get fresh, natural food. The more processed something is, the cheaper it seems to be.