Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wraps!! Go Get 'Em! (in Raleigh)

Hey everyone!  I was over at Fresh Market today, one of the few places where I can find Wick Fowler's Taco Seasoning (Gluten Free), and look what I found:

I found the pot of gold!

That's right, here in Raleigh you can have a wrap that doesn't break when bent, La Tortilla Factory's Smart and Delicious Gluten Free Teff Wraps!  As I mentioned in this earlier post

And they were on sale for only 3.99.  If we keep buying them, they will keep stocking them, I hope.


  1. OMG! I can't believe it! I wish there was a Fresh Market closer to me! But I'll be making trips to Raleigh to get these! This is so super cool!

    got your email. You are so sweet. I will answer it with more detail soon.

  2. I bought some today even though I've never tasted them - every celiac I know raves about them! So now I'm the proud owner of 3 packs! The Fresh Market in Cameron Village had alot.