Monday, January 19, 2009


Hello there and welcome to the Underground! My name is Emily, and I'll be your guide on this delicious journey.

Since I got the idea to start this blog I have been very excited about sharing some of my tips and tricks for keeping up with a busy lifestyle while maintaining a gluten-free diet. I have some great news: It can be done!

I have some more great news:
It doesn't have to be expensive!

My training in the Arts has taught me to be a creative problem-solver, and I have a lot of helpful hints that I can share, that I hope will make your adjustment to living on a gluten-free diet easier and happier.

One of the things I have learned in my life is that if you have the desire to achieve or become something, and commit to the learning process, nothing can stop you. Being a happy, healthy Celiac is no exception. Many of my gluten-eating friends will vouch for the delicious foods I make and share with them. Simple and fast recipes. Life has never been so good--eating well and feeling well, what more can we ask for?

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