Thursday, January 29, 2009

More sweets than I know what to do with

This has been a pretty busy week, and something gluten-related comes to mind almost every day, even though I haven't had a chance to post everything.

Yesterday at work, someone brought me a Whole Foods GF Bakery cupcake. What a nice surprise! It was delicious. I am glad someone gave me only one, because I probably don't need the temptation of a package of 4. But it was good to try one; I only recently have seen them and I think these are a new product. I don't know what the ingredients are. This would make a nice treat, and it would be a great thing to take along to a party where they're having cake if you didn't want to feel left out (or for a non-GF host to have at a party with GF people).

Also, I made some GF chocolate chip cookies, just to remind myself that I can, and they came out tremendous! I used Vegan Buttery Sticks as the margarine/butter, so mine were Dairy/Casein free too. I took these to rehearsal and all my section-mates thoroughly enjoyed them, said they were better than "real cookies." Whatever that means. But they didn't take a bite out and throw them away when I wasn't looking, which is the real test. They gobbled.

Did you know you can click on my photos and they supersize? You can see the detail of the pics this way.

Underground tip: When you bake cookies, remember that because they are so hot in the oven they continue "baking" after you take them out. I take the cookies out once I notice the top appears dry all across but not any later. This way they do not overbake and dry out. They are soft and delicious.

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