Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GF Breakfast at the Motor Inn

When on a road trip, staying at any hotel or motel, this is an easy GF breakfast:

  1. Take a cooler.
  2. Load it up with waters, sodas, whatever drinks you like.
  3. Add one or two yogurt cups, depending on your meals you are planning. (breakfast only = one cup.  Breakfast and lunch = 2 cups).
  4. Before check-in, stop at a SHEETZ gas station.  Go to menu screen.  Order 2-pack hard boiled eggs.  Get one orange juice bottle, if needed.

Keep in hotel room fridge overnight.  If fridge is unavailable, take gallon ziplock bags to the ice maker and fill one or two.  Add ice bags to cooler--voila  (and surprise)--you have made your own fridge.

Wake up tomorrow, and enjoy: Yogurt, 2 eggs, orange juice, bad hotel coffee, and a feeling of complete GF independence and joy.

Underground tip:  Actually, you can put anything you want in your cooler (but you already knew that).  These are just some ideas that work well for me.  When I found out I could get hard-boiled eggs at a gas station I was awestruck.  WAY better for you than a candy bar, overall!

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