Monday, February 16, 2009

One fine weekend out

Hello GF friends!

I had a great GF valentine's weekend, hope the same for you all. I had a concert Sat. evening, then met up afterward with some friends at The Village Draft House in Raleigh. Because this is a great (quieter) hang out in a great central location, I often find myself there surrounded with wonderful company.

And what is newsworthy about this trip: after a good 6 months of asking them (every single time): "Don't you have any gluten free beer?" --and adding, "Hey, if you guys just had a 6-pack on hand, I definitely would buy one every time I came in here..."

So what happened Saturday? This time--"Yeah, actually we do have a GF beer. I think it's called 'Lakefront.' We just got it in."

I said, "Alright," I would have one of those, "thanks!"

The server brought me a cool, crisp bottle of New Grist. She asked me how it was. (I have not had any gluten-containing beverages since 2005. I am not really sure why she asked me this...just to say something, or be nice?)

Whether you drink beer or not is not the issue. The point is that, little by little, our specialty dietary needs continue to slowly creep into the mainstream, one Draft House at a time (and after we ask, ask, ask and ask).


The next day, I made it out to Zpizza in North Raleigh. I convinced two wheat-eatin' friends of mine to split two kinds of GF pizza with me. When I thought about it, I hadn't been out for pizza in over 3 years. Which is kinda funny to think about, because with being able to make it at home, I don't feel particularly deprived.

We had the American and the Provence. The taste was amazing. Even the wheaties agreed.

Also, the staff was extremely conscientious about cross-contamination.
It was a great experience, and you all should go when you get a chance.

(My favorite moment was the moment after the cashier took our order, we went to get our fountain drinks, and her voice rang out like a bell, "Gluten Free Alert!" I thought, if I could save that soundbyte and have it as a ringtone. If only....)


Best wishes for a happy and safe week for everyone!

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  1. That is really cool. I've been saying the same thing forever with no results. Good for you!