Saturday, June 6, 2009

Call for Flour Tortillas

I haven't had a real burrito since 2005. When I say the word, "real," I am not referring to food containing gluten. My use of the word real is, "something (I actually want to eat) that doesn't malfunction or taste terrible."

I prefer to blog about gluten free things I enjoy eating, and have had success with. Unfortunately, I cannot say this for any burrito. And the problem I've found so far is the rice tortilla.

Two gluten free south-of-the-border items that I think are pretty easy to make are enchiladas and quesadillas. I actually improvise with corn tortillas and make something like a grilled cheese with them (I call it skillet enchiladas--if you douse them in salsa verde, then, "Salsa Verde Skillet Enchiladas"). Make the quesadilla with a flour tortilla and cheese. No problem.

The problem comes about when you try to wrap up anything with a rice flour tortilla. I think both Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas and Trader Joe's Brown Rice Tortillas are both great tasting, but unfortunately both are too brittle to make into a burrito, or even a delicious wrap sandwich.

Pretty much, you make the first burrito fold, or the first turn of the wrap, and crack--it's broken into pieces. Mmm...(insert record scratch here)? Plate of tortilla pieces and wrap sandwich fillings?? eeh.

So my question for everyone out there is, do you know any good flour tortillas that are available that are more pliable? I wonder if some company is working on it...might be a good idea...

I wonder if Teff might be a good ingredient; perhaps a combination of flours. I think of this because of the flatbread I've had at Ethopian restaurants.

If you know about, or even manufacture a tortilla that is trying to be more versatile than those I mention here, I would be very interested in knowing about it!


  1. I've heard these tortillas are amazing but haven't tried them yet myself:

  2. I've been reading that tortillas from LaTortilla Factory do well on the soft and not breaking front.

  3. I agree that someone needs to come out with a softer tortilla, one that combines several flours. Potato flour or starch would be an essential addition to any flour tortilla recipe in my mind. Until someone gets around to it, have you tried steaming your rice tortilla before wrapping? This usually works for dry corn tortillas. I miss burritos, too!

  4. Has anyone seen really big corn tortillas? Couldn't that work too?

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for the comments!

    I've heard of LaTortilla Factory before, and found another link:*ViewSelection=Tortilla_Talk**mb

    But I have never found these in real life. It's interesting they use Teff too.

    Fred, I would use big corn tortillas if I could find them, but never have.

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  6. I found your blog by sister Ellen, of just posted a recipe today for flour tortillas. I make a lot of what she suggests and I will try the tortillas tonight....take a look!!