Sunday, June 28, 2009

Angel Food Cake!!!!

I enjoyed some pretty good gluten free cake today at a GF birthday party. All this cake made me think of one of the best gluten free items I've ever eaten.

It was Gluten Free Pantry's Angel Food Cake Mix. I say "was," because for some reason, they discontinued the product. When I googled the item I found this blog post here on the Gluten Free Food Reviews blog.

I am shocked and distressed that they've discontinued this product.

When I started the diet back in '05, this was one of my favorite GF items. It was so encouraging that you could still even have ANGEL FOOD cake! Hooray! I have never tried any other brand, because I knew after trying this one, I wouldn't need to try any other. It was that good.

So now I've got a hankerin' for Angel Food cake topped with a can of cherry pie filling and what's a girl to do...?

One of the comments on the above blog suggests asking to reinstate the product. Click the email link or you can call their customer service line and ask them to bring it back (and/or why they lost their minds and discontinued this awesome product in the first place)! (800) 291-8386

Unfortunately, until we convince them, you'll have to take my word for it that this product was GREAT. It was THE BEST!

Check out the picture on the blog--doesn't it look good to you? I promise you, it is. Here's another 5 star rating, from

more reviews:
(I also added a review to the above link)

Well, why don't we all try to get this back on the store shelves. The thing is, now we know they can make something so good.

So my only question is: why not give us what we want, if we are ready to pay for it??


  1. We agree with you 100%. My kids loved that Angel Food Cake Mix. We were so disappointed to find it discontinued. Just like you, that was one of the favorites when we first went GF that kept us from feeling deprived. It was better even than wheat-based Angel Food, we thought. I still don't get it.

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